Chat #2: Kenna Crouch

Everyone knows Newport Beach has a lot to offer. Just a quick Google search will tell you about trendy restaurants, local attractions, and nearby shopping spots. But can it really show you what makes the heart full? That’s where the locals come in. They’ve been here longer than some of us have been alive and have amazing stories and hidden gems to share. Their insights might just change our Newport travel plans in the best way. So, as we plan our itinerary, let’s remember to listen to the locals – they’re the ones who can make our Newport adventures truly special.

Say hello to Mrs. Kenna Crouch, our beachy hair extraordinaire! You can find her at The Tiffany Scott Salon in Costa Mesa, where she works her magic crafting those oh-so-desired wavy mermaid locks.

When she’s not busy making hair dreams come true, she’s out there, embracing the SoCal sunshine and exploring all the culinary delights Newport Beach has to offer!

How many years have you called this place home and where did you grow up originally?

I have lived in Costa Mesa/Newport area for 20 years and grew up in Irvine.

What was the reason or story behind your decision to move here?

Originally I moved to CDM flower streets where my salon was and my now husband worked at the local surf shop on PCH, it was amazing because we could walk everywhere.

What’s one hidden gem or secret spot in the area that you recommend visitors check out?
Inspiration Point for sunset in CDM 
If you had to describe your community in 3 words, what would they be, and why?

Beaches & amazing restaurants

What are some unique traditions or events that locals look forward to each year?

Going to Rogers Gardens during Halloween, Concerts in the Park at Fairview Park and walking around Balboa Island during Christmas 

What are some typical dishes or drinks from the area that visitors must try?

Margarita or any entree from all Hillstone Restaurants

(GulfStream, Bandera, etc),  Bearflag poke and Pitfire Pizza’s Honeybear pizza and wings.

How would you spend a perfect day in the area?

Breakfast at Haute Cakes and beach day at Crystal Cove ending with happy hour at The Beachcomber.


 How do you think our community stands out from others nearby?

It’s really beautiful almost everywhere you look. We have so many trees and the beaches and harbor offer so many waterman opportunities.

What words of wisdom would you share with visitors?
Ask a local where to eat and leave no trace when you are at our beaches and parks to protect our wildlife.

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