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Our Story

Mike and Connie growing up in Newport Beach

Mike and Connie growing up in Newport Beach.

Michael and Connie Adnoff were both fortunate to be raised in Newport Beach. It was on their beloved peninsula where they met, dated, fell in love and raised their own four children. Recalling his Saturday summer chores (after surfing, of course), Mike’s boyhood job entailed sweeping sand from the boardwalk and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens in his parents’ four vacation units next door to their oceanfront home on 14th Street. Connie’s parents purchased their 34th Street vacation cottage in 1958, which was regularly offered to friends and visiting missionaries from their church. As a result of growing up in a culture of hospitality, a deep sense of service to others was organically instilled in both Mike and Connie.
Beachview early days

Early days of Beachview

In 1995, the Adnoff family began offering the small studio unit above their garage to friends and visitors. They operate Beachview in the same spirit of hospitality: as if they are welcoming guests into their own home. Over the years, the number of vacation homes they manage has grown and their services continue to expand and evolve, but their business model remains as hands-on and personal as ever.
Mike and Connie on the beach

Mike and Connie hometown “Helping the many vacationing guests we host throughout the year discover or re-kindle a love and respect for our magical hometown brings us tremendous joy”.

-Mike and Connie

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