Our Story

Mike and Connie growing up in Newport Beach

Mike and Connie growing up in Newport Beach.

Mike and Connie Adnoff are Newport Beach natives and something of experts in hospitality. Itʼs hereditary. Mike recalls many childhood mornings when he returned from surfing to sweep the sidewalks around his parentsʼ vacation rentals. Connieʼs parents purchased their Newport vacation home which was regularly offered to friends and visiting missionaries from their church for over 50 years. Growing up in that culture instilled a deep sense of service in Mike and Connie as well as a desire to share their love of the area. Newport wasnʼt just their home but the home they opened to guests.
Beachview early days

Early days of Beachview: missionaries staying with Connie's family.

More than twenty years ago, Mike and Connie first rented out the small studio above their garage to visitors. Theyʼve run Beachview in the same way ever since: as if they are welcoming guests into their own home. The number of properties they manage has grown and their services continue to evolve but the business remains as hands-on and family-run as ever.
Mike and Connie on the beach

Mike and Connie hometown Weʼd like to welcome you to our hometown. From the freshest catch to the best surf, we know the neighborhood in a way that only comes from living, working, and playing in a town we love.

-Mike and Connie

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