Beachview is committed to the safety and well-being of all our Guests.  This is why we want to make you aware of the steps we take to ensure your vacation home is a clean environment that is disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

  • Beachview does not outsource the cleaning of our vacation homes.  We uniquely own and operate our housekeeping and linen departments. This allows us to set uniformly higher standards and closely monitor and control the quality of our cleaning services.


  • We are proud to work with Ecolab, the leading industry provider of all hospitality cleaning products, in providing standardized commercial-grade cleaning solutions and disinfectants to our cleaning staff.


  • Our cleaning staff is trained in-house and adhere to our vetted and comprehensive cleaning guidelines, ensuring the cleanliness and disinfecting of all our vacation homes.


  • Bed linens and towels are never washed on-site, but are removed upon the departure of our Guests and laundered at our 1,700 square foot laundry facility in 150 degree water with Milnar industrial extractors (washers) using commercial grade chemicals and detergents used by most major hotels across the U.S.  


  • Our full-time housekeeping supervisors reinforce our cleaning protocol by inspecting every vacation home after they are cleaned to verify our high standards are met. Upon completion of their inspection, a disinfectant is sprayed in each room to add the finishing touches of ensuring all our vacation homes are clean and disinfected to the highest standards.


  • Finally, all our incoming Guests are provided with a travel-sized package of disinfecting wipes for their own use during their stay.