We’re the first to admit that parking is a special kind of terrible in Newport Beach. Save yourself the headache, hassle, and pricey parking tickets by following these handy guidelines:



Let’s Start with the “Don’ts” 

  1. DON’T park on or block another property – even if you’re just unloading your vehicle. Cross a home’s property line by an inch and you can be towed. (The locals don’t play around!)
  2. DON’T use commercial parking lots (like the Pavilions parking lot on 32nd St) for your overflow parking. You’ll be towed in no time.
  3. DON’T forget to follow the street sweeping schedule. Forget to move your car and you’ll have a pricey parking ticket waiting for you. (Pro tip: As of 2023, once the street sweeper cleans a street, you are free to park! This is a great way to score a slew of spaces for your group!).


Now for the “Do’s”

  1. DO bring your small to midsize vehicles. They’ll fit much more easily in your vacation rental’s parking spot than an SUV. If you’re not sure if your vehicle will fit in your reserved parking space, call our office and we can provide you with the space’s dimensions.
  2. DO explore the town on foot or on bike. In this town, it’s wildly easy to park the car and forget it for your entire stay. There are tons of things to do, see, and taste just a frisbee’s toss from your vacation home! If you’d like to rent a brigade of beach cruisers for your getaway at affordable prices, click here. We deliver straight to your door!
  3. DO download the ParkMobile app. It makes it easy to find and pay for parking without running back to feed a meter.


where to park in Newport Beach


The 3 Types of Parking in Newport Beach

  1. Free: Most vacation homes’ street locations fall in this category. We recommend that once you find street parking, keep it for as long as possible! You just found a unicorn.
  2. Metered: Payment is required only between the hours of 8am & 6pm. This is a great option for free overnight parking!
  3. Kiosk “Pay by Plate”: Signage defining these areas is sparse, so be aware when parking. Payment is required only between the hours of 8am & 6pm. (Another great option for overnight parking!).

These are the locations in town that require kiosk payment: the Newport Pier parking lot, the Marina Park parking lot, the Balboa Pier parking lot, all 15th Street parking spaces, the parking lot at the corner of Newport Blvd/32nd Street, and the bayside curbs & center medians of Balboa Blvd. beginning approximately at 19th St. and continuing south toward Balboa. Confusing, right? Pay attention to nearby signage and you can’t go wrong.


Patience is key when parking in our town. If you’re coming to Newport Beach in the summer months, parking will be tough – we guarantee it. So roll down the windows and crank up the tunes as you hunt for a space. And thankfully, Newport is worth the parking predicament. We promise 🙂