Fall isn’t much different than summer in Newport Beach. The sun is still shining, the beaches are inviting, and there’s a surplus of entertainment to offer. However, there is one noticeable difference that locals and savvy visitors alike can’t help but celebrate: the crowds aren’t as big, and parking isn’t as scarce (insert hallelujah hands). With the arrival of autumn, Newport Beach takes on a special charm, where the coastline’s beauty mingles with the vibrant colors of the season. It’s the perfect time to explore a diverse array of events and activities, from film festivals to sandcastle extravaganzas, all while basking in the crisp ocean breeze.

61st Annual Newport Beach Sandcastle Contest

The annual Newport Beach sandcastle contest is a true beachside celebration of creativity. People of all ages flock to the shore armed with buckets, shovels, and tons of imagination. They build incredible sand sculptures that can be anything from castles, to animals, to wild artistic creations. It’s a day when everyone’s inner artist comes out, and we can walk around admiring all these fantastic sand creations. It’s like turning the beach into an outdoor art show!

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California Wine Festival

The California Wine Festival is like a big, cheerful gathering for wine enthusiasts. It’s a chance to explore and enjoy a wide variety of delicious wines from California’s finest vineyards. There’s usually great food to pair with the wines, live music to set the mood, and a wonderfully laid-back vibe where you can have a blast with friends or meet fellow wine lovers. It’s basically a fun, flavorful celebration of all things wine by the beach!

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Tanaka Farms

In the fall, Tanaka Farms transforms into a vibrant autumn wonderland. This location offers pumpkin picking, tractor rides through the farm, and a variety of fall-themed activities to enjoy. There are corn mazes to explore, opportunities to pet farm animals, and don’t forget to try their delicious kettle corn! It’s like a festive fall adventure for families and friends to enjoy together, capturing the wonderful spirit of the season!

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24th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival

The Newport Beach Film Festival is a unique experience where filmmakers from all over come together to showcase their movies. It’s an opportunity for both big-name directors and indie filmmakers to share their stories with audiences. There are screenings, premieres, and even fun parties where you can mingle with people who love movies. It’s like a big celebration of cinema by the beach! 

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Balboa Island Museum Fun Zone Festival

The Balboa Island Fun Zone Festival is a lively event that takes place on Balboa Island. It features a range of attractions, including rides, games, and delicious carnival treats. People can enjoy classic favorites like cotton candy and funnel cakes, and there are traditional rides for everyone to enjoy. The festival offers a chance to explore charming shops and enjoy scenic ocean views. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories with friends and family!

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Oktoberfest at Old World

Oktoberfest at Old World Huntington Beach is like transporting yourself to a lively German village right in Southern California. It’s a huge celebration of German culture, food, music, and of course, plenty of delicious beer. You’ll find traditional Bavarian-style bands playing catchy tunes, people dressed in lederhosen and dirndls, and mouthwatering German dishes like bratwurst and pretzels. So, if you’re looking for a taste of Germany without leaving California, this is the place to be! 

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Autumn in Newport Beach is pure delight. From sandcastles to cinema, wine festivals to beachside strolls, there’s something here for everyone. So, whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, don’t miss out on the magic of fall in this coastal paradise. Pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and let Newport Beach make your autumn unforgettable. Cheers to sunny days and the warm welcome awaiting you!

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